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Matthew McCabe, DPM, MS

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Common Pediatric Foot Conditions

Flatfeet/Gait Disturbances

Dr. McCabe can see children ranging from toddler to teenage years who are experiencing pain and discomfort from flatfeet and gait problems. Commonly, a parent will notice the problem before the child complains or mentions anything about it. The common signs and/or symptoms to look for are inward turning of feet, toe walking, flat or fallen arches, and their knees turning in. Sometimes, children with flatfeet will wear out their shoes too quickly and tend to avoid activities such as long walks, running, jumping, or sports as they start to experience pain in their feet and/or legs from excessive and abnormal forces of flatfeet. Oftentimes, orthotics can help alleviate symptoms within a couple of days. Dr. McCabe provides many options to help your child at any age, and support their flatfeet to keep them active and pain-free.

Heel Pain

Dr. McCabe has seen many children with heel pain. Most children complaining about heel pain are between 8 and 16 years old. The two most common problems that cause heel pain in pediatric patients are stress fracture or calcaneal apophysitis (pain at the growth plate of the heel bone). Both problems arise from overactivity and overuse. Oftentimes, children are involved in some sort of athletics or dance and will experience these issues after these activities. Treatments vary from icing, stretching, immobilization, and in some uncommon cases, a below-knee cast. The most common treatment is orthotics which help alleviate symptoms within a few days. Dr. McCabe has children involved in athletics and is very sympathetic to the needs of this active age group.

Ingrown Nails

An ingrown toenail is a nail that has an incurvated border that causes irritation and bacteria into the skin fold adjacent to the nail. Most children have had some type of treatment done prior to coming to one of our offices such as oral or topical antibiotics, Epsom salt soaks, and maybe even an office procedure. Ingrown toenails are one of the most common problems we treat in pediatric patients. Treatment is very simple, a small procedure done in the office can be performed the same day or the next day. The removal of the border of the nail is very effective in treating the ingrown nail and helps alleviate pain quickly.

Plantar Warts

Plantar warts are a very common but difficult problem to tackle and oftentimes, children have tried over the counter medications without success. The most common place to get the manifestation of the wart virus is on the bottom of the foot or the palms of the hand. Warts aren’t always painful so children won’t always know they are present until they experience pain. There are several ways of treating a plantar wart. Dr. McCabe can see and treat warts on the same day.